Managing On-Farm Grain Storage & Hygiene Services

“Marketing grain today is about quality storage control everyday”

Agri Storage & Logistics can manage all forms of permanent & temporary storage including aeration control systems for all commodities.


Welcome to Agri Storage & Logistics

Peter Hobday with over 20 years experience in grain handling saw a need to service farmers with the storage and movement of their grain needs at harvest time and also understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of all commodities.


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Our Services

Agristorage & Logistics offer a wide range of services to farmers including pest control & hygiene services of your grain storage areas and silos, installation of temporary storages including aerated bunkers, sampling & assessing of grain, inloading and outloading grain and storage management.

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Why Agri Storage

Harvest time can be stressful with storing and loading grain. You may ask, did I turn the grain? When did I spray the grain? What was it that I sprayed with? What was the quality of that grain? Is there any insects? What happens if it is rejected?

Agri Storage & Logistics is the Company that will help you sleep at night knowing that the quality of the grain has maintained its integrity and is stored correctly and all deliveries have been unloaded and on schedule!.

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