Managing On-Farm Grain Storage & Hygiene Services

“Marketing grain today is about quality storage control everyday”

Our Policies/OHS

Agri Storage & Logistics pays strong attention to peoples safety on the job & to help facilitate a farmers need to familiarize and implement safety on and around farm storages.

Agristorage & Logistics is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees and others in the workplace. Agristorage & Logistics aims to build a culture that encourages everyone in the workplace to take responsibility for maintaining and enhancing this environment.

Effective management of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) risks depends on the commitment and cooperation of all employees. Agristorage & Logistics is committed to consulting with employees, contractors and visitors in a meaningful and effective manner on WHS issues.

Agristorage & Logistics expects its employees, contractors and visitors to comply with its WHS policies, procedures and guidelines, and to conduct themselves in a safe manner, not placing themselves or others at risk. All employees, contractors and visitors are responsible for the health and safety of all working under their direction and Agristorage & Logistics is also responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment for its visitors and members of the public who come onto Agristorage & Logistics sites or are affected by Agristorage & Logistics activities. Contractors working on Agristorage & Logistics sites are also required to conduct their activities in a manner that ensures the safety, health and welfare of not only their own employees, but of others as well.

Agristorage & Logistics is totally committed to the principal of zero harm and that all accidents and loss events are preventable and events with the potential to cause injury or adversely affect health or cause damage or financial loss can be eliminated.
Our policy provides an overview of responsibilities in relation to health and safety and the process in place to manage workplace health and safety within Agristorage & Logistics. Our policy and the various procedures which exist from time to time are designed to ensure that employees are not exposed to risks to their health or safety.

Agri Storage & Logistics has strong ties with Agri based recruiting firms which helps to have extra staffed trained for farm work.


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