Managing On-Farm Grain Storage & Hygiene Services

“The time is well and truly upon all farmers that the Australian grain industry is under total deregulation. The way you handle, store & market your grain has changed”.

  1. Do you know what grain quality you have?
  2. Can you maintain that quality?
  3. Would you like to store your grain on farm?
  4. How will I maintain the integrity of my grain?
  5. How can I value add to my grain?
  6. How quick can I harvest my crop?
  7. Can I get a good turn around at harvest?
  8. Do I have enough storage?
  9. Is my storage clean and ready for harvest?
  10. How do I manage insects in my grain?
  11. Do I have resistant insects on farm?

When you ask yourself all of these questions and many more, you then have to ask yourself, Am I Giving Myself The Best Opportunity To Sell My Commodities To The Entire Market In Both Domestic & Export?

Grain/ Commodity buyers need to know what your quality is and what you have treated your grains with.

Benefits of Agri Storage & Logistics

  • Maintaining Integrity of Grain
  • Value adding by Blending ( Not Shandying)
  • Logistical saving by staying on farm
  • Avoiding harvest pressures
  • Managing quality
  • Flexible hours of operation
  • Logistical benefits of own transport utilization
  • Grain marketing options & benefits
  • Safety compliance

Peter, and his staff maintain a strong communication base within the Agri Storage & Logistics team with their total emphasis on honest and total integrity to their clients.

We make work an enjoyable part of yours and our lives, while maintaining safety everyday.

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